April 24, 2018

My life took a new turn in 2018 when I decided to start the company

By: Maciej Lejman / Company Strategy / 0 comment

I am very passionate about nature and have some special feelings for the wood so I followed my passion and feelings. And, in April 2018 decided to choose carpentry as my profession and established a company named  Better E Store.

I can turn wood into anything from the required material as it helps me to turn my imagination into reality. I also refurbished the wooden things and can give them a whole new look. I don’t take it as a profession but want to introduce modern but organic things to my customers.

We choose the best and organic material to furnish your houses, offices, and outdoors so our products not only add beauty to your environment but also give you a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, as a  carpentry company, we make products from real pine wood that give you a healthy lifestyle. Pine and other real wooden products help to boost health and productivity. Specifically, pine helps to reduce stress and relax muscles at the same time.

Better E Store aims to be a good name in the carpentry industry with guaranteed products. Therefore, we offered a guarantee for my products with a customized design.

All you need to give us an order and can have a product you wish to have.

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