a little about hemp

everything start here...

cannabinoids, oils, concentrations, mysterious-sounding acronyms – does all this make you feel a little lost, leaving your head filled with more questions than answers? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll discover what CBD is, why hemp-based products are so beneficial and how to take them so as to enjoy an amazing feeling of well-being. While here, you’ll get to know what our work is based on and what values we hold dear.

everything begins ... within ourselves

let’s begin with what the endocannabinoid system actually is so that we can move on from there. We don’t want to bombard you with incomprehensible scientific theories but just want to give a simple and clear outline..

cannabinoid receptors – they are a natural part of you!

although not as well known as the immune or digestive systems, Cannabinoid receptors can be found within our body. Of crucial importance is the fact that the body is able to independently produce particles which activate the endocannabinoid system. As a result, it regulates such activities as:

  • pain
  • feeling full
  • hungry
  • mood swings
  • relax
  • sleep

this system regulates the functioning of many areas including, among others, appetite, sleep quality, blood pressure and even sensitivity to pain. Although it’s a very important system, you can have a real influence over it.

  • CB1 receptor are concentrated in the brain and in the Central Nervous System also in some organs and nerves.
  • CB2 receptor are concentrated in the cells related with the Immune System
  • TRVP1 receptor are concentrated in the blood, bones, bone marrow, tongue, kidneys, liver, stomach.
  • TRVP2 receptor are concentrated in the skin, muscles, kidneys, abdomen and in the lungs.
  • GPR18 receptor are concentrated in the bone marrow, spleen and the lymph nodes
  • GPR55 receptor are concentrated in the bones, cerebrum, cerebellum, jejunum and in the ileum.
  • GPR119 receptor are concentrated in the pancreas and in the alimentary tract

how can you strengthen your endocannabinoid system

first of all, you must know that your endocannabinoid system is an internal system. However, it is possible to influence it externally – exogenous cannabinoids will help in this regard, meaning those which are not produced by the body itself. Cannabinoids have a very real influence on the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. And here we finally come to CBD – it is this cannabinoid which affects the endocannabinoid system, influencing, among other things, feelings of relaxation and stress relief.

it’s time to start your CBD adventure!

our job is to deliver the highest quality CBD products to you – and you really have so much to choose from! They will have a positive impact on your endocannabinoid system in a completely safe and natural way, as well as on many aspects of your life which we outlined earlier. We cooperate with producer hemp-based dietary supplements – CBD oils, pastes, dry hemp, crystals, protein and hemp tea. Everyone will find something for themselves! You’ve taken the first step – you now know what the endocannabinoid system is and what influences it. It’s time to move on – this is just the beginning of our common adventure with CBD supplements. It’s also time find out a lot more about it – be our guest!.

CBD – a natural way to achieve positive well-being

CBD is one of the most thoroughly tested active ingredients of hemp. It has become the basis of very popular dietary supplements which are available in various forms. Thanks to this you can constantly re-discover CBD – either in the form of an oil, tea, or maybe hemp protein before a workout?

  • improves natural resistance to disease
  • fights against free radicals
  • possesses relaxing effects
  • fights against harmful micro-organisms
  • eliminates painful ailments
  • takes care of the appearance of your skin
  • helps memory and concentration
  • aids rest and relaxation
  • improves your mood
  • relieves intense stress
  • ensures a healthy night's sleep
  • improves your mental condition

what is CBD?

CBD is one of 80 cannabinoids which may be found in hemp. CBD has become the subject of continuous research which is being conducted intensively all over the world. However, the research conducted up to now has indicated its numerous positive properties. It’s no surprise therefore that the popularity of CBD is growing month by month, even day by day! In making our hemp-based products, we focus above all on achieving the highest quality. We want our customers to receive safe products which may become a good supplement to their daily diet, and result in an improvement in their general sense of well-being.

is CBD safe? The answer is 100% yes!

in contrast to THC’s bad reputation, CBD does not contain psychoactive properties. It does not cause mood swings, memory problems or hallucinations. Also of importance is the fact that CBD is completely legal. It has one interesting trait – in that it eliminates the harmful effects of THC, thereby obstructing the development of a state of narcosis. As our products only contain trace amounts of THC, they do not cause any harmful side-effects.

how does CBD work?

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system which is in turn responsible for many areas of the functioning of the body, including your appetite and sleep quality. It’s worth being aware of the fact that the human body comprises an enormous network of chemical compounds and receptors which work ceaselessly aimed at maintaining homeostasis, meaning an optimum state of balance. CBD is a kind of key which opens the door to the proper functioning of cannabinoid receptors. Some of them are activated into action while others – namely, those which may have a negative influence on your sense of well-being – are deactivated.

dosing CBD

there is no specific and clearly specified information that indicates the dosage of CBD for specific diseases, therefore it is recommended to gradually introduce the oil into your diet and the body’s observation. The rules of dealing with CBD are very simple, but it is important to be aware of them and know how to implement their lives and habits.

although there are no clear and precise frames that fit perfectly into each illness, during many years of observation it was possible to determine specific and most importantly effective doses for individual conditions:

  • chronic pain syndromes: e.g. osteoarthritis, muscle pain, chronic backache, bone and ligament pain, Crohn’s disease, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis – the recommended daily dose CBD oil: 2,5 – 20 mg (for approx. 25 days).
  • mild pains: e.g. abdominal pain, digestive problems, headaches, migraines – recommended daily dose of essential oil: 2 – 6 mg.
  • glaucoma – the recommended daily dose of essential oil: 20 – 40 mg (in sublingual form)
  • epilepsy – recommended daily dose of essential oil: 200 – 300 mg (for about 4.5 month).
  • schizophrenia – recommended daily dose of essential oil: 40 – 1280 mg (for approx. 4 weeks).
  • MS (multiple sclerosis) – recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 2,5 – 120 mg (THC – CBD is suggested for up to 15 weeks).
  • insomnia (sleep disorders) – a recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 40 – 160 mg.
  • huntington’s disease – a recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 10 mg/kg body weight (for about 6 weeks).
  • depression states, anxiety, stress – recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 3 – 10 mg.
  • rebuild of immune system – recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 1 – 3 mg.

the best quality, the purest extract

supercritical CO2 extraction is the best and most gentle method of extraction, thanks to which we obtain oils rich in cannabinoids, thereby the best quality end-product biologically speaking. Currently, CO2 extraction is the most modern and efficient method of obtaining oils, which, thanks to their use, maintain the full spectrum of natural ingredients that have a positive influence on our body.

product origin is important!

the origin of our hemp is a crucial aspect for us. We only accept it from plantations from the cleanest corners of Poland which are completely eco-friendly, thanks to which we can guarantee the impeccable quality and biological purity of our products.

  • the hemp we select has at no point been grown with the use of artificial fertilisers.
  • the CBD we offer it is a 100% organic product, free of GMO, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.
  • we only use tried and tested eco-friendly farms.
  • hand picked, sorted and dried hemp.
  • testing of the entire production process by independent laboratories.