a little about miscellaneous

everything begins ... within ourselves

we discover plenty of items are throw away and create environment pollution. We find possibility to reduce this process by refurbished some of them. We take action to promote auctions as alternative way to recycled unused, not needed any more items.

we buy some items, refurbished them, carefully checked and re-sell to our customers.

Most of the items are throw and pollute environment. You can change this!

Benefits of that activity.

  • Safe environment: by reduce amount of trash going to landfield.
  • Recycle and re-use some items.
  • Refurbished them and re-sell: You can have new or never used items as well as well refurbished and useful for another many years cheaper then new one.
  • Reuse left over stock: We during the our production of e.g. wooden products usually re use smaller part of wood left over from bigger projects. Most of our waste is just dust from saw. But we currently thinking how to use this dust as well.