Frequently Asked Questions

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We use real wood like pine, cherry, mahogany, etc in the making of products. As we assure to give you healthy lifestyle if you need to have customized design tell us and we will meet your requirements.

If you provide us the exact dimensions and the requirements that you want it will speed up the process and you will get the exact products within the time and budget.

It all depends on your projects if there is any need to install metal, mirror and others materials to complete the project we will definitely add these.

It is generally not a good approach to make changes when the design and specifications are confirmed. But if you think that some necessary changes should be made then we will make sure to do so depending upon the design.

Typically, projects take 2 or 3 weeks but for smaller projects it takes only 3-5 days of delivery.

Return and exchange policy varies from product to product. But you can return products within 30 days without any reason in the same condition which was shipped.

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